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The Family Troll is a heart warming tale of an abandon young troll that blesses the lives of a young couple in the most amazing way!


First off thanks so much for checking out our KICKSTARTER page, we really appreciate it!! This story is very personal and near and dear to us! We thought there would be some people that could relate to our story so we want to share it!

We have been working on this story over the past year or so. This is Jill Kirkhams first major work! She wrote it (while in between working on my normal DC comics), I drew it! I have a lot of fun drawing this type of style! It lets me explore my urge to do something different! We both LOVE Fantasy stuff so naturally a fantasy based world was fitting! I am very proud and happy with what we have done together here!

Our real life story is what inspired us to do this story book. As we have been trying for years now to have a baby of our own, we have talked about adopting a child! Narg the Troll in the book is adopted essentially, and the family grows to love him as their own! Another thing that inspired us to do this story was how comforting our dogs are to us when we get down and depressed after countless failed attempts at trying to have a baby. Its frustrating when something that is supposed to be natural just isn’t happening. Its always great knowing we have our dogs here with us to give a good snuggle! They are the Family pets. Like Narg is THE FAMILY TROLL! He is an adopted troll that blesses a young couples lives by helping them forget their worries and stress of not being able to have a baby of their own and just live happy!

We really need your help here on KICKSTARTER to get this book done, off the ground and in your hands!! There are still crucial things that need to be done to complete it. Like wrapping up the art, editing, design work, production, buying a bar code, and most important and expensive is printing and shipping the books. Not to mention taxes and the Amazon fees. The minimum goal we have put will just barely cover this stuff.

The Book is set to be a 26-30 page hardcover. We want the quality of the printing to be the absolute best it can be! With nice smooth paper so the art and colors jump off the page. Solid hard covers on every book so kids can beat the snot out of the book!!

BENCHMARK #1 $20,000- Will allow Jill and I travel to conventions to meet fans, promote and sell the books. It will help with booth space, banners, T Shirts, shipping of products, to and from conventions. As well as making a full line of exclusive Plush dolls!

BENCHMARK #2 $35,000 and up- All of the above plus this will allow us to create a full sequel to The Family Troll which we already have plotted out and want to develop! It will follow Narg, and a now older child on an adventure of a lifetime! Narg must protect the child from a monster that is harassing the family cottage!

BENCHMARK #3 $50,000 and up- Means you are amazing and we are VERY VERY grateful you believe in this project and want it to succeed as much as we do! This allows us to take The Family Troll into the mainstream! It will allow us to fund a full distribution of the book! So it can reach the shelves in book stores and shops around the nation and hopefully translated versions of the book! So it can inspire people around the globe!!!!

Thanks again for looking, we hope you all enjoy what we have done!!!!

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The book is so close to completion I am 100% confident that if this funds you will get everything we claim you will!!! I have been drawing comics and doing art professorially for 10 years, and I am a guy that doesn’t miss deadlines!
So rest assure If this project funds here on KICKSTARTER everything will be completed and books WILL be printed and shipped!
Thanks again!