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The story of a Paparazzi photographer in his chase for a celebrity, before the wake of the “phone hacking’ scandal in Britain.


ATENÇÃO: Para a versão do vídeo com legendas, e instruções em português de como colaborar, vá até o final da página!

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Simply donate the amount of the perk you want to receive and that’s it. Your contribution over Paypal WILL NOT count immediately as a pledge here on Kickstarter, but we’ll transfer the funds over, so, at the end, it’ll work just the same. Just remember, for pledges over £35 for those that are outside the UK, please add another £2 for shipping. Many thanks.

What’s this?

We’re raising money for the production of our film “Chasing Robert Barker”! That simple! This is the director’s first feature film! After realising how difficult it is to get big producers to invest in new directors, we decided to make it on our own!

Well, not quite on our own…


What is Chasing Robert Barker??

“Chasing Robert Barker” is an independent, 90 minutes, psychological thriller shot on location in London. The film is seen from the perspective of a Paparazzi photographer before the wake of the “phone hacking” scandal.

The main character, David, is a paparazzo who’s sent on a task to get pictures of Robert Barker, a famous actor, for a tabloid newspaper called ‘The Morning’. The film follows David on his journey as he realizes the story he should be seeking, was his own.

What will this film feel like?

We’ve put together a mood film. A collage with scenes from other films and bits of soundtrack that gives a hint of the feel of the film. This is only a reference thing. None of this was actually produced by us. All copyrights belong to their owners.

Who are you guys?

We are a bunch of guys working in film, tv and advertising that worked with each other before and decided to do make a GREAT film together!

We are Daniel Florêncio (Director/Writer), Martin Laing (Producer), Tom Kimberley (Producer). Marinella Setti (Co-Producer). Click the links to know more about us!

We also have:

  • Azul Serra. Director of Photography.
  • Bianca Turner. Production Designer.
  • Patrick Moore. Composer.
  • Maria Nefeli Zygopoulou. Co-writer. Associate Producer.
  • Eleanna Santorinaiou – Production Coordinator
  • Tatiana Danilova – Location Manager
  • Anna Sbiera – Costume Designer
  • Camila Hipwood – Storyboards
  • Jane Gallagher – Casting Director

Why do you need my money?

Films cost A LOT of money to make. I mean… A LOT! We do have some money saved that are getting some of the production costs rolling. But we won’t make it without YOUR help! The money we’re raising will go towards:

  • Food
  • Transport
  • Crew
  • Art Department
  • Insurance
  • Locations
  • Etc.. Etc…

And what do I get?

Here’s a brief description of some of the rewards for our backers!!

These are only SOME of our rewards. There are others such as becoming a Co-Producer. You could get a walk in part, etc, etc… Check out the bar on the right handside of the page!

That’s great! And who’s on it?

We’re still casting, but we’re very glad to have ALREADY on board some fantastic actors!

Where the idea for this film came from?

“Chasing Robert Barker” was inspired by a short documentary called “TRACKING WILLIAM: A NIGHT WITH A PAPARAZZO” that Daniel shot for CURRENT TV. This documentary was the first thing EVER to be broadcast on CURRENT TV in the United Kingdom. As soon as the channel started its operations, there it was…

A few years later, because Murdoch didn’t like the liberal tone of CURRENT TV in Europe, he simply decided to remove it from Sky (the TV distributor, which belongs to him), forcing the channel to shut down. Many of Daniel’s friends from the time he worked at Current TV lost their jobs…

That’s it! The likes of Murdoch won’t make this film.

But YOU can make it!

What are you going to do with the money?

The money goes straight into the production of the film. And thats it.

Very importantly! We ONLY receive the funds IF WE REACH THE GOAL! If we don’t reach our target of £50,000, we don’t get ANY CASH, and YOUR CARD DOESN’T GET CHARGED!

Let’s spread the message around!

Can I GIFT an incentive?

Of course you can! When you make a pledge, give us YOUR name and details. After the deadline we’ll send everyone that contributed to send us their details. Then you can send the details of the person you want to send the GIFT to!

Can we exceed the goal?

YES, PLEASE!!! Just to reach our goal would be awesome, but if we happen to EXCEED it, it’d be fantastic. It could mean a widespread marketing campaign that could bring the film quicker to theaters. It could mean a faster post-production! Better sound-mixing! It could mean a special packaging for the DVD. A special printing of the Making Of. If we exceed, it basically would make Chasing Robert Barker a better film!

Where do I know more about the film?

Check out our website:

Can I talk to you guys?

We’re all ears!

You can email us at:

Or on our Twitter:

Or on our Facebook page:


Spread the news!

Let’s Make Chasing Robert Barker!

: )

Thank you!


Posso colaborar do Brasil??

Claro que pode!! As regras são as seguintes:

  • É só usar o cartão de crédito!
  • Seu cartão só é debitado no dia 18 de Março SE o projeto alcançar o objetivo com sucesso!!
  • Temos APENAS até o dia 18 de Março para levantar os recursos!! É uma corrida!!
  • Se ao final da campanha não atingimos nosso objetivo de £50.000, não levamos NADA!!

Esse é o trailer do filme, com legendas:

Como faço para colaborar?

Instruções em português. Isso é só uma instrução. Leia e vá até o topo da página para executa-la!

E quais são os ‘prêmios’?